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[Lusa] Portuguese Genealogist Master List
(as you might have guessed, a page about Portuguese genealogy. Very much in its infancy, it is divided by region of Portugal and contains the lists of surnames that various people are searching for; very interesting--if only more people sent their research topics to the owner Doug da Rocha Holmes.

[Lusa] AOL's Hispanic Genealogy Address Book--Portugal[New]
(though it has the name 'Hispanic' on it, this page is actually about Portugal; contains contains links to various user sites, libraries, and societies; also has addresses for some main resources such as the national archives at the Torre do Tombo and professional genealogists working on Portugal)

[Lusa] Netting Your Ancestors--Spain, Portugal & the Basques[New]
(a professional collection of links about these three peoples; contains quite a lot of Portuguese info in a well organized manner)

[Lusa] Fernando Candido's Genealogy Pages[New]
(a mini-directory of resources related to genealogy in Portugal--Fernando traces his efforts and has links to a number of archives, societies, GenWEB projects, and other genealogy personal pages)

[Lusa] Tradição -- Genealogia e Heráldica Portuguesa [New]
(a beginning initiative to create sort of a center for genealogical studies on the Web; maintained by Rodrigo Ortigão de Oliveira, it contains, at this point, only the genealogy for one name/family (Almada e Avranches); it gives a monthly genealogy prize to a Web site on genealogy with the caveat that it must be written in Portuguese which, unfortunately, the vast majority are not)

[Lusa] Patricia Julia da Silva Se Corbera's Home Page
(Patricia has a collection of genealogical information primarily connected to Madeira; also has links to other Hispanic and Portuguese sites; from Tracy, California)

[Lusa] Arquivo Distrital de Beja
(this page on this district in Baixo Alentejo details the historical holdings of this entity including civil, judicial, church, etc., records; included are the areas of Aljustrel, Alvito, Beja, Cuba, Moura, and Serpa)

[Lusa] Arquivo Distrital de Braga[New]
(Braga's archives--details its holdings which are considerable, the services it offers, although I didn't see any for genealogy, and publications of the studies it conducts)

[Lusa] Larry Barreto's Madeira
(a nice "bits and pieces" view of Madeira--contains pictures of Larry's trips there although the genealogical information he presents is the selling point; contains links to a number of other genealogy sites)

[Lusa] Lusa Web
(focused on the expatriate Portuguese, this homepage contains some history of some immigrant communities as well as links to other homepages of the same topic; sponsored by a couple of California organizations, it has a California feel to it; newly added is a section on genealogy where you can register your own information)

[Lusa] GenWeb--Azores[New]
(part of the World GenWeb Project, this page is what you would expect--a collection of information on the genealogy of the Azores; also has links to related and personal pages, as well as information on the islands including weather, history, topography, and so on)

[Lusa] Cheri Mello's Genealogy Notes on São Jorge, Açores
(as the titles says, they're genealogical and historical notes about the island of São Jorge in the Azores; all text with a lot of names going back to 1432 and including slaves)

[Lusa] Cheri Mello's Genealogical Resources for Researching the Açores
(a text file containing many addresses of genealogical associations in both Portugal and the U.S. regarding Portuguese ancestry; updated regularly by Cheri Mello, one of the most prominent genealogists on Portugal in California)

[Lusa] Portuguese SIG on AOL[New]
(Kathy Cardoza's newsletters on genealogy; contain mostly information picked from the AOL discussion groups; contains past issues as well highlighting such things as histories of families, collections of surnames, and research hints/guidance)

[Lusa] Hawaii Portuguese Genealogical Society
(a simple text-based page describing the purposes and holdings of this genealogical association in Honolulu)

[Lusa] Genealogia dos Condes de Almada e Avranches[New]
(a view into the lineage, origin, history, and so on, of these two families; has some nice pictures and plenty of text on the relations between members, kings, and other royal family members in various countries)

[Lusa] Peter Viveiros' Genealogy[New]
(a personal page dedicated to Peter's Azorean and other roots; includes a list of the names and locations he is researching; also includes a number of links to other genealogical sites)

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