Zarnowitz, West Prussia Assorted Birth Records

The information on these pages is derived from FHL Microfilm Roll #1619079 (Marriages 1854-1890; Deaths 1840-1890; Births 1860-1890) and #1619041 (Births 1847-1890); Roman Catholic parish register of baptisms, marriages and deaths for Zarnowitz, West Prussia, Germany; today: Zarnowiec (Puck), Gdansk, Poland.

Year Residence of Father Birth No. Father's Name Mother's Name Date
Child's Given Name Name and Residence of Godparents  
1829 Wierzchutzin   Andreas Reschke Marianna Rintz 13 Nov   Catharina Reschke Martin Rintz, Barbara Baran, Wierzchutzin  
1842 Wierzchutzin   Adalbert Rintz Veronica B–hmke 3 Jun   Barbara Juliana Martin Gilatt, Julianna Budnik, Wierzchutzin  
1843 Wierzchutzin   Martin Rintz Barbara Jaschke 11 Sep   Marianna Lucia Johann Baran, Ernestine Okon, Wierzchutzin  
1848 Zarnowitz 28 Adalbert Rintz Veronica B–hmke 23 Jun 24 Jun Francisca Adalbert Hewelt, Anna Dettloff, magd, Zarnowitz  
1849 Wierzchutzin 3 Martin Rintz Barbara Jaszk 11 Jan 13 Jan August Paul Joseph Budnik, Catharina Ladach, Wierzchutzin  
1850 Zarnowitz 23 Adalbert Rintz Veronica B–hmke 15 Mar 17 Mar Joseph Jacob Franz Knapinski, Marianna Gock, magd, Zarnowitz  
1854 Wierzchutzin 31 Adalbert Rintz Veronica B–hmke 10 Apr 16 Apr Rosalia Veronica Martin Rintz, Scholastira Jaszk, magd, Wierzchutzin  
1858 Wierzchutzin 69 Adalbert Rintz Veronica B–hmka 3 Aug 8 Aug Francisca Marianna Martin Rintz, Marianna Grzenkowska, Wierzchutzin  
1860 Kl. Schlatau 48 Johannes Nikrant Christina Prena 20 Mar 1 Apr Joseph Martin Hei, Dorothea Busch, Kl. SchlatauŬ  
1863 Karlikau 8 Johann Bieszk Antonia Rintz 18 Jan 25 Jan August Anton Bernhard Ceinowa, Slawoschin; Anna Bieszk, Karlikau  
1863 Wierzchutzin 100 Johann Rintz Anna Lieske 15 Nov 22 Nov Joseph August Joseph Grzenkowski, Catharina Lieske, magd, Wierzchutzin  
1864 Karlikau 19 Johann Bieschke Antonia Rintz 21 Feb 24 Feb Johann Mathias August Stielau, Stawoschin; Veronica Bieschke, Karlikau  
1864 Wierzchutzin 35 ---- Marianna Rintz 16 Apr 24 Apr Anna Anastasia Jacob Gwork, Seline Hallmann, Wierzchutzin  
1865 Czemmanau 29 Franz Dombk Barbara Rintz, magd 30 Mar 9 Apr Johann Joseph Carl Patoka, Anna Mejer, magd, Czemmanau  
1866 Karlikau 1 Johann Bieszk Antonia Rintz 1 Jan 6 Jan Bernhard Jospeh Joseph Bieszk, Karlikau; Anna Stielau, Stawoschin  
1867 Czemmanau 77 Franz Dombke Barbara Rintz 6 Sep 22 Sep Marianna Josephina Franz Zelewski, Josephina Roszeryszewska, magd  
1867 Karlikau 105 Johann Bieszke Antonia Rintz 29 Nov 1 Dec Martha Bertha Franz Bieszke, Karlikau; Martha Stielau, Stawoschin  
1869 Wierzchutzin 52 Joahnn Rintz Anna Lieske 1 Jul 4 Jul Johann Peter Adalbert Okon, Catharina Grzenkowski, Wierzchutzin  
1870 Karlikau 24 Johann Bieszk Antonia Rintz 4 Mar 6 Mar Antonia Victoria August Okon, Lucia Bieszk  
1870 Wierzchutzin 70 Johann Rintz Anna Lieske 20 Aug 20 Aug Marianna Barbara Joseph Dombke, Mariannna Lieske, Wierzchutzin  
1870 Czemmanau 82 Johann Dombk Barbara Rintz 22 Aug 28 Aug Franz August Johann Sieder, Anna Kur, Czemmanau  
1870 Zarnowitz 88 Johann Rintz Anna Ceinowa 13 Oct 16 Oct August Michael Joseph Paczocha, Elisabeth Ceinowa, magd, Zarnowitz  
1871 Karlikau 77 Johann Bieszk Antonia Rintz 23 Nov 26 Nov Joseph Clement Franz Okon, Lucia Bieszk, Karlikau  
1872 Zarnowitz 86 Johann Rintz Anna Ceynowa 11 Nov 17 Nov Johann Martin Franz Budnik, Wierzchutzin; Marianna Jaszk, Zarnowitz  
1873 Karlikau 66 Johann Bieszk Antonia Rintz 7 Oct 9 Oct Veronica Ottilia Johann Ceynowa, Veronica Bieszk, Karlikau  
1875 Karlikau 59 Johann Bieszk Antonia Rintz 24 Aug 27 Aug Maria Johann Bieszk, Anna ____, Karlikau  
1877 Karlikau 57 Johann Bieszk Antonia Rintz 9 Sep 16 Sep Lucia Anna Albert Bieszk, Lucia Bieszk, Karlikau  
1878 Zarnowitz 67 ---- Rosalia Rintz, magd 6 Aug 10 Aug Martha Marianna Joseph Brill, Marianna _______, Zarnowitz  
1878 Karlikau 89 Johann Bieszk Antonia Rintz 25 Oct 27 Oct Josephine Rosalia Bernhard Bieszk, Karlikau; Josephine Stielanski  
1880 Karlikau 37 Johann Bieszk Antonia Rintz 25 Apr 25 Apr Thekla Julianna Albert Bieszk, Julianna Rowalewski, Karlikau  
1881 Zarnowitz 13 Joseph Rintz Marianna Cielke 16 Feb 19 Feb Augustina Marianna Joseph Brill, Zarnowitz; Marianna Nagorznik, Wargau  
1881 Zarnowitz 66 Mathias Ceynowa Rosalia Rintz 6 Sep 9 Sep Josephina Antonia Franz Goyk, Antonia Gappk, magd, Zarnowitz  
1882 Zarnowitz 97 Mathias Ceynowa Rosalia Rintz 3 Dec 4 Dec Johanna Franciska Johann Dominik, Johanna Hoffman, Zarnowitz  
1883 Karlikau 44 Johann Bieszk Antonia Rintz 10 May 11 May Rosalia Waleria Wilhelm Kowalewski, Lucia Ceynowa  
1884 L¸bkau 25 Frank Dombk Barbara Rintz 25 Feb 9 Mar Agatha Anna Johann Bud_iz, Rosalia Ceynowa, Zarnowitz  
1884 Raunhendorf (Czemmanau) 47 Mathias Ceynowa Rosalia Rintz 3 Jun   female Stillborn  
1884 Karlikau 90 Johann Bieszk Antonia Rintz 31 Oct   male Stillborn  
1885 L¸bkau 108 Mathias Ceynowa Rosalia Rintz 6 Nov 8 Nov Agatha Julianna Martin Reschka, Marianna Reschka, L¸bkau  
1887 Stawoschin   Mathias Ceynowa Rosalia Rintz 27 Oct 30 Oct Franz Johann Johann Ladewn, Shadmilda Laizek, Stawoschin  
1889   55 Mathias Ceynowa Rosalia Rintz 25 May 26 May Augusta Johanna Joseph Okon, Augusta jalk, Stawoschin  

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