The Essential Unified Process – An introduction

What is the Essential Unified Process?

The Essential Unified Process, or “EssUP” for short, is a new “Practice” centric software development process that stands on the shoulders of modern but established software development best practice.  It is a fresh new start integrating successful practices sourced from the three leading process camps: the unified process camp, the agile methods camp and the process maturity camp.  Each one of them contributes different capabilities: structure, agility and process improvement. 

Separation of Concerns

The Practices at the heart of the EssUP are very different from other approaches or methods in how they are presented.  The process relies in many ways on a new idea, Separation of Concerns (SOC or aspect-oriented thinking).  This helps to identify and address specific concerns in order of priority.  When you apply this idea to process adoption it simplifies and focuses the approach.  It makes it much easier and intuitive to select a tailor-made software development process to meet your specific concerns.

We have learnt in the many years we have been helping organisations, that few people ever read process material whether it is in a book or on a website.  Our conclusion is that we must provide them with the essence of information somehow.  This gives them the foundation to learn more as required either by reading more books, by working with more experienced colleagues or using intelligent agents such as Jaczone’s WayPointer.