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Character Study: PASSIONS's Most Entertaining Characters

Esme (Erin Cardillo)

In the 12/11 Best & Worst issue of Soap Opera Digest, Erin Cardillo (Esme, PASSIONS) was named "Most Entertaining Character." But while Esme certainly keeps us amused with her brassy, boozy ways, she's hardly the first Harmonyite to tickle our funny bones. Here are those other PASSIONS characters who've made us smile.

Julian (Ben Masters)

Julian Crane (1999-present)
Okay, so compared to the rest of the characters on this list, he's "normal." Still, Ben Masters's slimy, carousing alter ego has had some of the show's funniest scenes. Some of his memorable antics include the various times he and Rebecca dressed up in kinky costumes (a school girl and headmaster!) or when he and Tabitha succumbed to a night of passion (and conceived Endora). However, deep down, Julian also has a heart, as evidenced by the love he's shown for Eve.

Tabitha (Juliet Mills)

Tabitha Lenox (1999-present)
This 300-year-old witch loves to boast about spreading evil, but what she's usually spreading is laughter. We loved watching her plot with her Tim-Tim (see below), battle her "friends" in the basement and wreak havoc in Harmony (usually involving breaking up couples). Yet Juliet Mills has given her character a soft side, which came out during her sweet scenes with Timmy and now Endora.

Timmy (Josh Ryan Evans) and Tabitha (Juliet Mills)

Timmy (1999-2002)
Whether he was scheming with Tabitha or swilling back Martimmys with Julian, Timmy, Tabby's living doll, proved to be the perfect foil for the crusty witch and the first character of his kind for daytime. Part Chucky, part Pinocchio, Timmy wasn't above supporting Tabitha and her witchy ways, but ultimately longed to become a real boy. Sadly (and ironically), Timmy perished on-screen on August 5, 2002 — the same day his portrayer, Josh Ryan Evans, died in real life.

Hecuba (Robin Strasser)

Hecuba (2000-02)
Tabitha finally met her match when she reunited with her longtime "friend" Hecuba, who'd been imprisoned in a cave for 300 years. Hecuba got a kick out of spreading evil (like sending Charity to hell), but Tabby managed to trap her once again, only this time in a bottle. Thanks to portrayer Robin Strasser, Hecuba was more than just another witch. She and Juliet Mills (Tabitha) brought out the best in each other on-screen, and Strasser somehow made being stuck in a bottle seem like fun.

Connie (Kacie Borrowman) and Cecil (Arturo Gil)

Cracked Connie and Cecil (2002)
After Timmy's death, a grieving Tabitha conjured up a demented dolly named Cracked Connie. The evil toy then made herself a man, the diminutive Cecil. The pair enjoyed wreaking havoc (such as releasing the witch Hecuba), but then stole some money from Tabby and left town. Still, Harmony's answer to Bonnie and Clyde was definitely one of soaps' more unusual couples.

Edna (Kathleen Noone)

Edna Wallace (2002-05; 2007)
Beth's nasty, incontinent mother should've been a character we hated, but portrayer Kathleen Noone made Mrs. Wallace — or Edna, as she'd later come to be known — funny. Sure, she did whatever she could to prevent Beth from being happy, but to be fair, Beth was psychotic. Plus, she had a (rarely seen) weakness for her furry friend, Precious. Who doesn't love a woman who loves animals — even if they're on hand to help change adult diapers?

Precious (BamBam and Tango)

Precious (2003-05)
Some actors hate working with animals, but this lovesick orangutan (portrayed by male orangs BamBam and Tango) was a leading lady on PASSIONS throughout her run. No, she never had any dialogue, but she dutifully cared for Edna, lusted after Luis — and even enjoyed a turn as a Broadway star when she appeared in the soap's Chicago parody.

Endora (Nicole Cox)

Endora Lenox (2003-present)
Tabitha's little girl has the face and cherubic blonde curls of an angel, and unlike her mom, seems to want to be a good witch (as she's often expressed through pop-up thought bubbles on-screen). Still, the tiny tot has managed to cause some major problems, such as getting half the town trapped in a cartoon world. No wonder Tabby thinks being good is overrated!

Demon Elf (Danny Woodburn)

Demon Elf (2007)
This supernatural being may have been pint-sized, but he brought along plenty of trouble as he encouraged Kay to use her magical powers and led to Sheridan getting possessed. Plus, he liked to rhyme and knew some nifty tricks, like creating a ring of fire. Who doesn't love a demon who's mastered pyrotechnics?

Kay (Heidi Mueller)

Kay Bennett (2007)
It may seem strange to include this former mean girl on the list, but over the years, Kay has transformed from the classic soap bitch to a leading lady to a comedic character. We've loved watching her as she's tried to master her newly discovered supernatural powers (often resulting in disaster, like when she shrunk Tabitha), and portrayer Heidi Mueller has proven that she can bring home the funny. Together with her "mentor" Tabitha and Endora, Kay nicely rounds out their comedic coven.



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