The Oxcentrics were a Dixieland jazz band based at Oxford University, founded in 1975. In 2005 the band celebrates its 30th anniversary! The band's name is based on "The Oxontrics", an original 1920s jazz band. Several (although by no means all) members were from University College, where many early rehearsals took place. The line-up who recorded their "legendary" and "highly sought after" recording "The Halcyon Days of the '20's & '30's" on 29 February 1976 at the Acorn Studios in Stonesfield, Oxon, were:

Adrian Sheen Adrian Sheen (left and below top right) originally managed and fronted the band. The "fabulous" Mike Southon (far below, on the right) subsequently took over in late 1976, although his musical tastes have, over the decades, moved on to the '60's and '70's. :)

(New) Other musicians who played with the Oxcentrics included:

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The Oxcentrics - early line-up
The Oxcentrics early line-up at Merton College Ball, Oxford (5 December 1975)

The Oxcentrics at the Roebuck
The Oxcentrics at the Roebuck pub, Oxford (15 May 1977)

In 1988, the Oxcentrics produced a CD, Oxcentromania! through Eccentric Records, now a collector's item of course!

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