Enochian Linguistics: Links and Essays

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Introduction to Enochian Magick

Christeos Pir's Enochian 101 -- a handy introduction to what Enochian Magick is all about.  Offered here as a general introduction.

Textual Analysis

Ben Rowe's Enochian Essays -- many of these essays include detailed textual analysis of several Calls.

A note on fifteenth-century syntax and style by Ben Rowe -- as posted to enochian-l

Aaron Leitch's textual analysis of the First Call -- as posted to enochian-l

Hechalsimamzael's analysis of the First Call -- as posted to enochian-l


Christeos Pir's Enochian Pronunciation notes

The Calls, written phonetically in Crowley's Pronunciation (.txt file)

Parker's Shadow Maze contains the Calls written phonetically in a fashion somewhat different from the Golden Dawn method.


Ben Rowe's Enochian Dictionary, in .txt format.  Contains every instance of every Angelic word, from several sources.

Patricia Shaffer's Angelic Letter Essences -- a new line of work with the Angelic language based on the idea that each letter has an "essence."  Ms. Shaffer identified a particular essence for each letter, and offered examples from her (as yet unpublished) dictionary.  Using the essences as her guide, she suggests that words have meaning far beyond the "Englished Sense" as given to Dee and Kelly.  The samples provided were taken (with her permission, of course!) from her postings to the enochian-l e-list.
        Esoterica's work with the Angelic Letter Essenses
        Runar's work with the Angelic Letter Essenses
        Dean Hildebrandt's Essential Translation of the names of the Parts of the Earth

On the correct wording of the First Call -- a conversation between Aaron Leitch and Patricia Shaffer regarding the correct words of the First Call, taken from enochian-l.

Calls 1 through 4 -- as transcribed from the Cotton Manuscript by Patricia Shaffer

On the Origins of the Enochian Language -- by Aaron Leitch

Translations, Derivations, and New Material

Dean Hildebrandt's On the Structure of the Calls -- as posted to enochian-l
        The Aspects of the EM

Dean Hildebrandt's essay about The Watchtower Angels

Dean Hildebrandt's essay on The Heptarchy

Runar's translation of Liber Loagaeth Table 1, rows 5, 2, and 15

Round Table of Nalvage: derivation of names and words, by Dean Hildebrandt and Runar

Callisto Radiant's work regarding The Five Princes.

A conversation between CB and Patricia Shaffer regarding the Cotton Manuscript.


Callisto Radiant's Phonemic Analysis of the Angelic Language -- a proposed set of rules describing the relationships between letters in the Angelic language, with several appendices

Dana Marie Tringo's The Enochian Watchtowers: An Analysis of the Documentation and Mathematics -- A numerological examination of the watchtowers utilizing the principles of sacred geometry.
        A suplemental page detailing the numerology of the watchtowers


Gerald Schueler, PhD -- Frames page, contains an essay on Enochian Gematria

Excerpt from "The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic" by Israel Regardie (.txt file)

Fenwick Rysen's essay on Enochian Gematria, includes comparisons to Hebrew God-names

Fenwick Rysen's Sepher Enoch -- a work in progress, comparable to Crowley's Sepher Sephiroth

Dean Hildebrandt's System of Enochian Gematria

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