Anadyr District

Map of Anadyr District

The town of Ugolnye Kopi  

    The town of Ugolnye Kopi is the administrative center of the Anadyr Raion. It is situated on the left side of the Anadyr Bay. The town stretches along the road from the airport to Shakhtiorsky. The most comfortable neighborhood of the town is called Pervomaika.
   The population is 6424 people, most of them are of Caucasian origin, the native population numbers only 84. This is an industrial community where miners, servicemen, workers, clerks and aviators live. 12 people (as of March 01, 2003) are seeking jobs. The town has all raion institutions and several military units. There are various stores, a post-office, a library, a hostel for children, the Raion Center of Children’s Art, a youth sport school, a daycare center, the Chukotka Economic Lyceum, a high school, the Municipal Center of Education, a cultural center.
  The village of Tavaivaam 

     The village of Tavaivaam is very close to the capital of the Chukotsky Autonomous Okrug. It is located on the Anadyr Bay coast. The population is 400 people, more than 80% represent the native peoples – Chukchis and Eskimos. The village has a daycare center, a cultural center, a first aid clinic, a library. The recreational activities are not diverse but there are regular meetings of the Housewives’ Club, the Chukchi Language Club “Murgin Vetgav”, the Native Crafts Club. A lot of crafts and souvenirs of leather and beads are sold to the guests and citizens of Anadyr.
     The main activities are: fishing, collection of plants and berries, temporary and seasonal employment, production of souvenirs, sewing. In the period of economic crisis the reindeer herding agricultural enterprise that employed the Tavaivaam villagers completely lost the reindeer stock. At present more than 20% of the capable population does not have a permanent employment.

The village of Vaegi  

     The village of Vaegi is located on a picturesque bank of the river with the same name in 60 km from the village of Markovo. It was established in 1951 as the main farmstead of a collective farm that united several nomadic stands. The village population is 528, the native population is 449. 11 people are unemployed (as of March 01, 2003). The principle activity is reindeer herding. The village is famous for its traditions. Every year it celebrates the native festivals of Kilvei, the Thanksgiving Ceremony, the Young Reindeer Festival and organizes the dog sledge race for the Governor’s Cup. There are reindeer herders’ and housewives’ clubs where children learn the basics of reindeer herding and household in tundra and collect folklore.  In the cultural center there are a folklore ensemble, an instrumental group and the Club of Labor Veterans. The members of the latter are always pleased to share secrets of beadwork, sewing of traditional fur clothes and wood carving. The village has a daycare center and a high school.

        The village of Markovo

  The village of Markovo is situated in the middle course of the Anadyr river. This is an ancient Cossack settlement, one of the first Russian-speaking settlements in Chukotka. One hundred years ago Markovo was a cultural center of the Anadyr neighborhood. Tha’s where in 1862 the first parochial school in Chukotka was constructed. It was opened on May 15, 1883.
   The village has a daycare center, a boarding school of secondary education, a new cultural center. A new hospital is under construction now and a new school will be constructed too. The famous Markovskiye Vechiorki chorus performs old Cossack songs. At present there are 1170 people. 19 people (as of March 01, 2003) are unemployed.
   Reindeer herding is the main activity.
      The village of Ust’-Belaya

  The village of Ust’-Belaya is located on the right bank of the Anadyr river, in the place where the left tributary of the Belaya river flows into it and that’s where the name of the village comes from.
   This is one of the oldest villages in Chukotka established by the villagers of Markovo at the end of the XIX – in the beginning of the XX c. The population of Ust’-Belaya is only 936 people and 656 of them are native. 20 people (as of March 01, 2003) are unemployed.
   The village has a municipal Center of Education. The main activity is reindeer herding.

      The village of Krasneno

   The village of Krasneno is located on the Krasnoye Lake that gives the name to the village. The village is not big and lately it is getting equipped with services and utilities. Several cottages delivered from Alaska were constructed here. The village has a food store, a post-office, an elementary school, a cultural center. The population is 95 villagers, 85 of them are native. The main activities are hunting and fishing. In the village there are (as of April 2003) 6 disabled persons, 9 unemployed and 6 working pensioners, 8 children in the age up to 6 years old and 3 children in the age up to 10 years old.
The village of Kanchalan

  The village of Kanchalan is located on the right bank on the river with the same name in the Anadyr Raion. The village population is 727 people, more than 90% of the villagers are Chukchis. 6 people (as of March 01, 2003) are unemployed.
   The traditional trades are reindeer herding, fishing and hunting. The village has a high school and a daycare center. 

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