Broadband availability details for Peterborough

Total Exchanges: 12 List
Average provider penetration1: 3.00

BT Wholesale presence:
ADSL (2Mbps) enabled: 12 (100.00%) List
ADSL Max (8Mbps) enabled: 12 (100.00%) List
"Exchange Activate" (512Kbps): 0 (0.00%) List
With BT ADSL RFS date: 0 (0.00%) List
Without BT ADSL: 0 (0.00%) List
SDSL enabled: 2 (16.67%) List
Without SDSL: 10 (83.33%) List

LLU summary:
Total unbundled exchanges: 4 (33.33%)
Average LLU operators per exchange: 1.4
Maximum LLU operators per exchange: 5
LLU operator presence:
AOL 4 (33.33%) List
Be Unlimited 0 (0.00%) List
Bulldog (Cable and Wireless) 4 (33.33%) List
Carphone Warehouse (Talk Talk) 4 (33.33%) List
Edge Telecom 0 (0.00%) List
HomeChoice 0 (0.00%) List
Lumison 0 (0.00%) List
NewNet 0 (0.00%) List
Node4 0 (0.00%) List
Orange 0 (0.00%) List
Pipex 0 (0.00%) List
Sky / Easynet 4 (33.33%) List
Smallworld Media (LLU) 0 (0.00%) List
Tiscali 1 (8.33%) List
WB Internet 0 (0.00%) List
Zen Internet 0 (0.00%) List
1. The "Average provider penetration" figure is calculated by taking an average of the number of distinct broadband providers operating at each exchange in this region. For the purposes of this calculation, a broadband provider is deemed to be any provider operating their own network or technology (i.e. those providers listed on this website). This includes BT Wholesale ADSL, BT Wholesale SDSL, the cable operators on this website, the wireless operators on this website and the LLU operators on this website. Retail providers who simply resell products are not included. The purpose of this figure is to provide a (crude) comparison of the broadband choices users have between the different regions.

Note: All percentages presented on this page are calculated over the total number of exchanges in this region.