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Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website. My work is based on three beliefs --   Birth is Sacred, It's the BABY'S Birth, and Babies Remember Birth. My work is based     on basic physiological understanding of prenatal brain development, and a proliferation       of new scientific brain research that supports energy healing and the ability of the brain      to be repatterned.

I work from a baby's perspective to provide resource-based support for a woman, her  baby, and her partner during the entire continuum of development of their baby --  in order to build the best baby (brain) possible, and to facilitate the easiest, most gentle and peaceful entrance into the world. I work with newborn through adult to resolve the early traumatic events -- preconception through postnatal -- now known to be the origin of dysfunctions in the human being.                                           

(References:   Primal Health,   by Michele Odent, MD,   Life in the Womb: The Origin of Health and Disease   by Peter Nathanielsz, MD, PhD, Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health at, and BEBA,




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My trauma healing work was featured in the Peoria Journal Star, Peoria, IL. Oct. 10, 2003.  

Read the articles and my response to a "Letter to the Editor."



A grateful parent shares her experience...


After a traumatic birth experience my son and I spent weeks trying to recover, reconnect, and find peace. It seemed nothing would sooth his cries at times. I felt helpless and depressed as I struggled to provide him with comfort. My husband and I held our son all the time and provided him with attachment parenting techniques. It was only while breast-feeding that we were able to find a small window of peaceful softness. After a few months I began to reluctantly accept the all too popular label of �colicky�.


And then I met Janel. Our son was three months old and awakening every hour on the hour and crying. Janel provided me as a mother, the opportunity to �be with� my son as he released the body memories of his awful birth experience. He cried, raged, and then slept. Janel knowingly taught me how to be present with my son and his �experience� without trying to control it or alter it. She taught me genuine respect of another soul. Her touch was loving, yet strong and competent. Janel later led us (including my husband) in re-experiencing our birth in a gentle way that led us to great healing and harmony.          


Tracey L. Bovee, LCPC, Ed.S

Champaign, IL (now Pella, IA)

July, 2001


The baby above had epidural anesthesia at 5cm dilation suggested by the nurse midwife (not planned by mother), and he turned posterior resulting in the use of forceps and vacuum extraction. Research shows that epidural anesthesia is strongly associated with abnormal fetal position (occiput posterior) at delivery and may help explain the high rates of operative delivery observed after administration of an epidural. (Obstetrics & Gynecology 2005; 105: 974-82).


�You are your brain.�  Dick Swaab, Dir. of the Netherlands Institute for Brain Research

I like to say, "You are your PRENATAL brain."


.... brain function and behavior are critically influenced, even permanently modified in major ways, by the environmental condition that exist during development.  How we think, reason    and see are not just inherited characteristics. Brain function, behavior, mood, IQ, and    emotional stability are not solely a product of our genes.�

�Peter Nathanielsz, MD (OB), PhD (Vet) in �Life in the Womb:

It is scientific and logical that physiologically the structures begun at conception and completed by the end of the second month of gestation DO establish the biological, hormonal, emotional, and mental foundation for who we are to be our entire life. Every experience thereafter, whether in the womb, laboring and birthing, or life long is part of one long continuum of brain development. YOU are YOUR prenatal brain.

From conception forward, the baby (brain and body) has developed in the maternal relationship and response to the environment.  The human baby's experience and  feelings of safety, love, support, worth, being wanted, etc  are established prenatally through infancy.  From before conception, in the sperm and the egg, we are fully living tissues of our parents and influenced on a cellular level by their lives.   Every system and brain is literally built according to mother's physiology, her life experiences, and her perceptions of herself, the baby's father, and the world. During gestation there is not one second of time that  is not critical in building the baby's brain and body. It is recorded (imprinted, remembered) in the cells.  Nor, is there one second of time during labor and birth that is not critical to the baby's billon neurons and so, to his brain and to his experience.

Birth is the human's first physical experience as the baby leaves the warm, safe womb to become a physiologically independent being. Continuing from and building upon the prenatal experiences and brain development, the labor and birth experience creates the emotional, physical, and psychological foundation for being in the world. It is a lens through which our  brain experiences the world and will wire up our neocortex during childhood. This is preverbal memory, an ingredient in the baby's language.  From the last trimester through the first year of life, the Limbic system of  the brain is "online" and developing our earliest perceptions and memories of love and fear, the two basic emotions.

The  expressions of the early development don't "just show up" when a child learns to talk. By the day of labor and birth the newborn brain has a billion neurons present already wiring  up the neocortex. It is logical and scientific then that babies remember birth.  The experience of labor and birth is vitally important in the brain development of the human baby.  Those billions of  neurons, BUILT during the prenatal experience, will be the foundation of the neo-cortex, thinking brain for life, unless we repattern it. We do this by acknowledging the early  experiences and   providing new  experience for the brain to rewire.



Coming soon -  Educational group format for parents and workshop training

for   professionals on how to incorporate prenatal and birth psychology into

professional practice and in parenting. Ask about sponsoring one for your

organization that serves infants and children.




Click here to read the last chapter from

Songs from the Womb by Benig Mauger




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Which of these babies had

EPIDURAL ANESTHESIA (narcotics) and which

had NO DRUGS during labor and birth?


It�s quite easy to see the difference�


Mariah     Erin

My daughters, Mariah and Erin. They are both three weeks old


Did you know??

It takes seventeen years for the peer-reviewed, evidence-based research to be fully accepted into medical practice. Think about it -- all of the drugs and procedures we've been told are safe, only to learn that they are dangerous. Think about what's being done  to women and babies in history and right now. Is it evidence-based and safe? Historically, the drugs used on laboring and birthing women and babies have NEVER been shown to  be safe. Drugs and interventions are stopped ONLY AFTER years of harm and death to women and babies. Check out my story and article on the increasing use of epidural anesthesia promoted as safe when the literature by 1992 clearly showed it is not. 

Check out


Read about Inducing and the Use of Epidural Anesthesia (narcotics)

 for pain relief during labor and birth.





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We now know that the prenatal period is the foundation for health and wellness -- or pathology and pain. Personality, behavior, and health (i.e., blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, etc.) are all expressions of early uterine life. Evidence-based, peer-reviewed research in the last decade confirms this -- what we have intuitively known (and yet denied.)  Conception and prenatal experiences determine the architecture of the brain and all body systems for the lifetime. Simple logical tells us that the human being is built during the prenatal period. Everything the mother experiences is experienced by

the gestating, laboring, and birthing baby and is imprinted in the on the newborn baby's brain.


Labor and birth is the first physical, independent experience of the human being.As one transitions from the womb to the world this just might be the single, most significant and defining experience in the human's life. It is established a set of survival skills in the brain and body of the laboring and birthing baby. What happens here is critical for the human being for the lifetime -- are the mother and baby drugged, is it bright and noisy, with strangers and their time frames, rough treatment or is the  woman in power of her own body, following and allowing hers and her baby's physiology to happen, quiet, dark, surrounded only by people who love her?


This all matters in the experience of transitioning from uterine life in symbiotic connection with the mother to being an independently functioning being -- it is critical for the human brain.  Within hours and moments every system must work efficiently at birth, and we visually see and physically hold a completely separate, functioning human being -- one whose body AND brain has completed a critical, monumental, development task. Trauma to the head, neck, shoulders, and hips during the birth experience is the first physical experience. Unresolved and unacknowledged, this is the cause of infant, child, and adult issues, including chronic pain and physical and emotional dysfunctions.


What keeps society from embracing and applying basic biology and physiology to birth?  What keeps one from observing simple physiological fact that babies remember birth? Most of us have been birthed "under the influence" of drugs and experienced a very violating transition from the womb to the world. Our own births feed the politics (of medicine, drug companies, and insurance companies), denial (of a society who does not know how to forgive and change directions), and fear (of malpractice for doctors and guilt and shame for mothers and fathers). Recognizing that prenatal development and labor and birth are keys to physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well being  creates a monumental need for society to change how we treat women and babies in birth. It calls for an overhaul of every service we fund and provide for in our society. For example, not even in addiction studies, autism or depression and violence or even basic parenting does our society look at the earliest brain development and birth experience (of baby and mother and father) for answers. The detrimental impact of drugs and interventions at birth is ignored, and the contribution of conscious conception (wanted children are happier), prenatal development (healthy body and brain) and natural, empowered birth (non-violent survival imprints) is overlooked.


Again, our own births and the collective denial supports denial of the importance of the prenatal and birth experiences as the foundation (cause, if you must) of the multitude of medical, emotional, psychological, educational issues in our society.  To acknowledge this is to open a huge Pandora's box that require change -- PERSONAL, individual change. Changing how we conceive our babies, how we treat and support pregnant women, and how we treat women and babies in labor and birth. It would require looking at the science that supports the healing of trauma and the brain.




Contact me:  573-424-0997

A Baby's Birth - is a continuum of critical periods  of physiological development that begins even before conception and completes     at the mother's breast, in the arms of the father, and will    be lived  throughout life.                    -- Janel Martin-Miranda



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Janel Miranda

 When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced; live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.

� Cherokee Saying





Little One! 

my grandson

Andrew Mekhail

born Dec. 23, 2005




My daughter, Erin, gave birth VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) at 9:30 am in Phoenix, AZ.  Andrew

weighed 7#14 oz and

was 19-1/2 inches long.



They did the self-attachment sequence -- visit my  Self-Attachment  page to learn more  --    has lots of pictures.



My grandson, Adam, proudly showing off his new brother, Andrew, and his Big Brother button.


Andrew at three months. He misses his grandma!