Lucky Days

Astrology and Science

For some 'proof of Astrology', have a look at Bush's and America's progressions for September 11, 2001. These were undoubtedly the biggest progressions of his life. Here are some of the ones within a degree:-

Mars at 13Lib22 square Bush's Sun at 13Can47 and America's 13Can18. (Sag Ascendant Chart)

Bush's SA (Solar Arc) Sun at 9 Virgo conjunct Mars at 9Vir18.
Bush's SA Mercury at 5Lib05 conjunct Neptune at 5Lib56.
Jupiter at 13Sag18 inconjunct his Sun at 13Can47 and America's 13Can18.
Bush's SA Saturn at 21Vir30 square his North Node at 20Gem35.
Bush's SA Pluto at 5Lib45 conjunct his Neptune at 5Lib56.

Horary: As you know, the Pluto/Saturn opposition was about 2 degrees at the time.

Transits that day:
Uranus at 21Aqu50 opposed Bush's Venus at 21Leo30.
Uranus at 21Aqu50 opposed Bush's progressed Mercury at 21Leo40.
Mercury at 14Lib square Bush's Sun at 13Can47 and the American Sun at 13Can18.
Neptune at 6Aqu21 opposed Bush's Ascendant at 7Leo06.
The Sun at 18Vir40 Square Bush's Uranus at 19Gem09.
Neptune at 6Aqu21 conjunct the American South Node at 13Can18.

If scientists and statisticians cannot still don't get it, then I truly feel sorry for them. Bush's birth details are in the program, if you'd like to have a look. We astrologers must also wake up. This one is very easy to see in hindsight. Not the events, but the period.


I know of many examples, but let me just give you one I spotted that is interesting to follow.

Millions of astrologers around the world know that Saturn brings limitations and Jupiter brings success. Uranus brings technological advancements. (trines & sextiles are good, squares & oppositions are bad, conjunctions vary with planets). Just have a look at some of the following dates:-

4th Oct 1957: Sun and Jupiter sextile Uranus.
Sputnik I launched successfully.

3rd Nov 1957: Sun square Uranus
Sputnik II launched successfully but the dog, Laika, died after a week in orbit.

12th Apr 1961: Sun and Venus trine Uranus
First human in space, Yuri Gargarin, launches successfully.

20 Feb 1962: Sun having just opposed Uranus
Successful but there was an unexpected electronic malfunction with the heat shield warning system.

15 May 1963: The exception: Sun square Saturn
Several things went wrong with the Project Gemini trip.
Gordon Cooper's space-suit persistently overheated.
The water supply system failed.
He felt dehydrated and dizzy.
The automatic steering refused to work and had to be operated manually.

22 Jul 1969: Jupiter exactly conjunct Uranus: First humans on the Moon
Mission successful, a giant leap for mankind. Is this beginning to form a pattern?

So, the lesson seems to be to attempt rocket launches when Uranus is favorably aspected to give the expedition the maximum chance of success.

UPDATE: August 31, 2003.
Last week, Jupiter opposed Uranus. Brazil chose August 22 (the timing is quite uncanny) to launch its third attempt at becoming a "space nation". As you may remember, Mars was conjoining Uranus during that week, making this period even more volatile. Definitely not a good time to be pushing the frontiers of science. The rocket exploded on Friday at a jungle base of Alcantara, in the northeastern state of Maranhao, after an engine ignited by mistake. 21 people were killed.

UPDATE: May 11, 2006.
One launch that did not seem to be avoidable was the explosion of the Challenger on January 28, 1986. The planetary aspects between themselves on that fateful day did not reveal much about the intensity of the event that was to take place. I've only recently become aware that the warning took place in the American birthchart itself. Pluto was square the American Node, but again, for technological advancement pointers we look primarily at the position of Uranus. On that day, Uranus at 20 Sag 57 was within half a degree of squaring to the American Mars at 21 Gemini 23. Uranus and Mars in bad aspect are very often involved when bad accidents occur. So, it seems that an extension to the rule is that there should be no close, hard aspects to the birthchart of the country concerned, especially those involving Uranus.

Theory to improve the success rate of Space Launches.

1. Establish the launch window-period and the proposed launch date.
2. Check that there are no hard squares and oppositions to or from Uranus in the daily planet configurations on this day, especially ones involving Jupiter and Mars.
3. Check that there are no hard squares and oppositions, especially from Uranus and Mars, to the birthchart of the country.
4. If there are hard aspects, look for another day within the period.
5. If these rules cannot be satisfied during this period, find another that does.

Scientists, we need you and you need us. Please get off your butts and take a closer look at Uranus. I know you think you have defined "nearly everything", but when you start looking under the hood you will realise that you are not even close. By the way, Jupiter next conjuncts Uranus around June 7, 2010 (last conjunction Jan 4, 2011). You can expect an exciting discovery or event around that time. I'm betting on scientists, at their best, finding proof of the existence of life elsewhere in the galaxy by that time, or at least man landing successfully on another planet or one of it's moons.

Please feel free to have a good laugh at me (preferably publicly). Nobody ever perfected anything the first few times. I don't have to remind you how The New York Times and other media ridiculed Robert Goddard in the 1920's. Gut-wrenching, belly laughter as his first liquid-propellant rockets rose a few metres and crashed back into his Aunt Effie's vegetable patch. How he was banned from testing his rockets because of complaints about the noise and forced to test them in Roswell, New Mexico at his own (and Charles Lindbergh's) expense. Now there was a man with funny ideas..

Some food for thought..