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O u t l a w S t a r

OutlawStar 2 is the new work of the comics.
It is thinking about the sequel of the interrupted comics and short stories.
An enemy is the son of the professor Nugyen.
Then, Melfina of darkness.

Though I am sorry, there is no project of the second season of the animation of OutlawStar at present.
But, it is very happy that there is popularity with USA for us production staff.
The Sunrise company which is the partner who produced an animation has a feeling that it wants to make the second season.
But, I want that thought to be still very little possibility.
Because, though comics became 250000 copies of hits in Japan, the animation of the outlaw star are 20000 small hits.
It has the possibility of the second season to the video that more than 30000 sold in Japan. But, this work was accepted abroad.
The fan of the foreign countries increases the possibility of the sequel little by little at present.
I begin this wonderful story first as the comics again!
It is praying that they begin a new adventure on the television again!


They who get excited at the Sukiyaki party !