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Microsoft® Office 97 Small Business Edition v2

Standard Features
Publisher 98 The world's leading desktop publishing program, Publisher 98, makes it easy to create professional-quality newsletters, business cards, brochures, Web sites and more. It gives you all-new professional designs and flexible wizards.

Small Business Financial Manager 98 A business analysis add-on tool for Microsoft Excel, Small Business Financial Manager lets you harness the valuable business information contained in your accounting package. Its Wizards make it easy to create dynamic and customizable reports.

Direct Mail Manager The Direct Mail Manager, a new internet-based application in Office 97 Small Business Edition, is designed to make it easy for you to create and manage successful direct mail programs. (Supports U.S. only direct mail programs.)

Expedia Streets 98 This street-level mapping software gives you the ability to quickly locate the addresses of key customers, clients and vendors. Generate maps of your Outlook Contacts and copy maps into marketing materials created in Publisher 98 and Word 97.

Internet Explorer 4.0 Office 97 Small Business Edition includes a copy of Internet Explorer 4.0 to browse the World Wide Web.

Outlook 97 Microsoft Outlook manages e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks and to-do lists, and documents or files on the hard drive.

Excel 97 Microsoft Excel�97 brings core spreadsheet functionality to the surface to make it more accessible to all users.

Word 97 Word�97 simplifies common word-processing tasks with built-in intelligence.

Helpful wizards Helpful wizards are there to walk you through creating everything from letters and memos to brochures and websites.

Intelligent, intuitive features Creating professional looking documents is easy in Small Business Edition with intelligent, intuitive features such as Spell It, Grammar Check, and AutoCorrect.

Advanced charting, reporting and analysis tools Find the meaning behind your business's numbers easily with advanced charting, reporting and analysis tools.

Improved Features
Clip Gallery Live With Publisher 98, you can take advantage of thousands of additional clip art and stock photo images that Microsoft will make available on the Publisher web site on the Internet.

Last Updated 1 February 2000
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