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Slow drawls, quick draws, heroes and outlaws all have one thing in common -- "The Legend of Calamity Jane." Fast with the whip, and even faster with a smile, Jane rides the trails and backwoods in search of truth and justice, showing what real heroes are made of in this all-new animated western adventure series airing Saturdays at 10:00 AM on Kids' WB!

Back when the Wild West truly lived up to its name, there was a group of men and women who fought and worked to turn the 2,000 mile wilderness west of the Mississippi into the land of the free and home of the brave. This was the time when common men like Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody, and especially, Calamity Jane, made their mark as some of the bravest and boldest legends in American history.

Most folks aren't born legends, for the most part they are like you and me, and Calamity Jane started off just the same. She was born to a French emigrant ma and an Irish trapper pa. Her woodsman father disappeared while on a geographic expedition West when Jane was just a babe. Her mother, left penniless, moved to Atlanta, Georgia to start a new life with Jane in tow, taking the only job she could get -- as a singer in a cabaret.

Growing up in a saloon brings maturity early, and, despite her surroundings, Jane grew to be a good child. Some of the regulars took to her immediately and taught her valuable lessons that would come in handy later in life. Old Doc Regal taught her how to play a good game of poker long before she could read. Big Ike, the bouncer, taught her how to shoot a pistol, a rifle and a shotgun. And, Lonely Sue, the owner of the saloon, made sure that young "Calamity" (the nickname she was given on account of all the trouble she found) "learnt" her letters.

When the Civil War broke out, the saloon hit hard times, and Jane and her mother were barely able to make ends meet. Six months after the War, Jane's mother married a man from Boston and they moved North. Jane was miserable there -- she had the wrong accent, the wrong clothes, the wrong schooling, the wrong family, the wrong everything. And, as sure as the sky is blue, when Jane moved North, so did "Calamity." It didn't take long until she was branded a troublemaker, so at the age of 14, she packed a bag, left a loving note for her mother, and headed West.

Jane was lucky enough to hitch a ride on a westbound stagecoach. However, her luck quickly turned when a raiding party of 20 Indians overtook the travelers. Jane fought for all she was worth -- in fact, she was the only one to survive -- but as a prisoner of the Comanche Indian tribe. As fate would have it, the Comanche chief was married to a white woman, Cynthia Parker, who took Jane under her wing. Cynthia's son Quannah, a few years older than Jane, became her big brother, and eventually, her lifelong friend. Jane was accepted and respected among the tribe and given the name "Little Fire Rock," for her spirit and stubbornness and because she could out-fight, out-ride and out-laugh all of the other young braves.

Jane was happy with her new family until the day an old brave named Eagle's Beak showed up to take Jane's hand in marriage. Comanche custom dictated that Jane had no say in the matter. Of course, this didn't sit well with Jane, so with the help of Quannah, she fled.

After narrowly escaping matrimony, Jane worked with the U.S. Army -- her knowledge of Indian ways and dialects made her an adept scout. She also found work as a bounty hunter and honorific lawman. Although she avoids violence whenever she can -- using her head first, her whip second and her gun last of all -- Calamity Jane is a straight-shooting, sassy gal determined to protect and maintain the sanctity of the Wild West.

Joined by her adopted brother and pals, Calamity has a first-rate posse -- on the rare occasions she needs one. Quannah Parker is a renowned Comanche chief and formidable warrior, respected by the tribes and the white man. Wise, strong and good, Quannah must deal with integrating the old ways of his people and the new ways of the European settlers.

Wild Bill Hickok is a frontiersman, army scout, gambler, marksman and lady's man. In fact, if there's anyone in the world who can out-draw, out-poker or out-smile Jane, it's Wild Bill -- which infuriates her. To make matters worse, Jane has a bit of a crush on ol' Bill -- but she'd never admit it!

Big strapping John O'Rourke, a Lieutenant in the Cavalry, is always looking for a fight or a wrong to right. Young and eager, John is fiercely patriotic and loves his country. He's also pretty sweet on Calamity and will take folly from her that he wouldn't stand for from anyone else.

Joe Presto, now a toothless old grouch, was the scourge of Tennessee in his heyday, riding all over the countryside hootin', hollerin' and basically causing trouble. Sentenced to hang on some trumped up charges, Jane saved his life at the last minute. Since then, he's been her assistant, cook and general grumbling gopher.

The outlaws co-starring with Calamity Jane in "The Legend of Calamity Jane" keep her busy, at the very least. Her toughest adversaries by far are Bill Doolin and the Doolin Gang. Doolin has managed to break out of more jails than any outlaw alive -- but Calamity Jane continues to try to keep him behind bars.

"The Legend of Calamity Jane" stars Clancy Brown ("Starship Troopers," "The Shawshank Redemption") as Wild Bill Hickok; Michael Horse ("Gargoyles," "Cowboys of Moo Mesa") as Quannah Parker; Tim Matheson ("Animal House," "Fletch") as Capt. John O'Rourke; Mark Rolston ("Eraser," "Daylight") as Bill Doolin; Frank Welker ("Steve Spielberg Presents Tiny Toon Adventures," "Aladdin") as Joe Presto; and Miriam Flynn ("Waiting for Guffman," "National Lampoon's Vacation") as Lonely Sue.

"The Legend of Calamity Jane" is distributed by Itel, produced by Contre-Allee and animated by Gangster and Warner Bros. Television Animation, under the creative supervision of director Pascal Morelli, and producers Thierry Rivard, Gary Hartle and writer/voice director Mark Zaslove for Kids' WB!, The WB Television Network's children's programming service.

"The Legend of Calamity Jane" will temporarily step aside to make room for the all-new action packed "Men in Black: The Series," which will anchor Kids' WB!'s blockbuster line-up of star-powered super-power. She will rejoin the line-up later this season!

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